Concert Uniform Information

If you haven't already,  it is time to make sure you are organized for the upcoming concert season.

Male students will need to purchase a white tuxedo shirt, long plain black socks & plain black dress shoes (marching shoes may also be worn).  The band uniform moms will assign  a tuxedo jacket, pants, cummerbund & bowtie.

You are free to purchase a white tuxedo shirt wherever you choose. Hobby Lobby sell them. Make sure you print off a 40%  coupon if they are not on sale. Als Formalwear at Willowbrook offer Cy Woods Band students a $10 discount off  their tuxedo shirts. Make sure you mention Cy Woods Band for the discount (as per Sean at the store). The black buttons on shirt are not compulsory. Photo shown is Doni Barassi brand which is sold at Als.  You do  not need to purchase the bowtie.

Black socks - please make sure they are long not short. Must be plain black with no patterns or other color. No shades of grey!

Black shoes - plain black dress shoes or marching shoes (must be 100% black)

Female students will be assigned black pants and top.  You will need to purchase long black trouser socks/hoisery, and plain black dress shoes (pumps or with heel, 100% black).  No bling on shoes. 

Black trouser socks - photo shown is of Peds brand trouser socks which you can purchase in Target. They come in a pack of 6, so you could also get together with a friend to share them.

Optional for female students -

This year we are giving the girls an additional option to purchase an approved style concert dress, should they prefer not to wear the pants and top. The dress style has been approved by the band directors.

Students do not have to purchase the dress. It is completely optional.

Should you wish to purchase your own dress, you must buy the Cadenza style dress in black from Formalwear-Outlet by Southeastern.


The dress costs $54.00.  There is no tax as the company are based in Alabama.  Shipping is approximately $15 (if 2 students order together shipping approx $21, so you could share shipping cost). If you choose to purchase this dress, it is your responsibility to have any alterations made to it & clean it.

Dress size is subject to availability, so you may wish to order as soon as possible. This will allow for shipping time and for any necessary alterations that are needed.

If you forget to bring your dress for any performance, we will assign the band concert uniform.
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