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Cy Woods High School Wildcat Chaperone Guide

Cy-Woods Band Chaperone Guidelines 

  • Chaperones must wear Band Booster or similar color t-shirts.
  • All chaperones ride the buses to and from the games.
  • The head chaperone keeps in contact with the other chaperones and the band directors by cell phone.
  • When arriving to chaperone, check in with the head chaperone in the band hall.  You will be assigned a bus along with other duties.
  • Chaperones will help load the equipment bus with ice chests, ponchos, snacks, drinks, etc.
  • Before boarding the buses, chaperones check that students have the proper uniform items; a list of these items will be provided to the chaperones for each event.
  • Chaperones must account for every student boarding their assigned bus before leaving the school and again when boarding after the game. 
  • Good bus etiquette is expected of all students, but the bus driver may have different expectations and the students will be respectful of what is allowed on the bus.
  • Once at the destination, it will be communicated to each bus how and where the students should get off the buses.
  • Chaperones will be assigned positions at the entrance(s) to the band area to monitor traffic.  Parents, friends, family members etc. are not allowed in the band area.
  • The first aid kit and emergency forms accompanies the band on every trip.  One chaperone is designated the First Aid person and will log in and administer any first aid and medicines.   The permission slips are always checked first before any aid is given.
  • Chaperones remain in the band area during the football game and may be assigned additional duties. 
  • Students, usually several at a time, are monitored by chaperones to and from the restrooms. 
  • Students are not allowed to stop at the snack bar or to visit with family and friends while in route to the restrooms.
  • Halftime duties may include filling water jugs, pluming, depluming and assisting with equipment on the field.
  • Band students are not to drink anything except water during the game.
  • The students are also not to eat anything until the game is over. Drinks and snacks will be given out at band hall after game.
  • If the bus driver allows food and drinks on the bus the students are expected to clean up after themselves.  Trash bags will be distributed before departure from the school.
  • Upon return to the school remind the students to remove all items from the bus (that includes trash) and leave the bus. Chaperones need to make a final pass on bus to check left items.
  • Chaperones may need to assist with unloading the ice chests and other equipment from the truck.
  • Please leave your stadium pass in the booster room or with the head chaperone.